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Quarterly Update


City National Rochdale Quarterly Update - January 2014 - 1/22/2014

2013 was quite a remarkable year. Equities had an essentially uninterrupted advance, with the major averages climbing steadily and producing an overall gain for the market of more than 30%.


City National Rochdale Quarterly Update - 4Q 2013 - 10/29/2013

After weeks of media reports concentrated on a dysfunctional Washington, now is a good time for investors to step back, take a deep breath and focus on the many positive signals coming from the U.S. economy.



Foreign Exchange

Inflation or Deflation?

While central bankers in Europe and in the United States are concerned about short term deflationary trends, those of us who live in the real world know a different story.

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Global Perspectives

Mrs. Watanabe Search for Higher Yields

The U.S. dollar experienced a period of extremely low volatility last week, let us just blame it on tax season.

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Market Perspectives

Revenge of the Nerds

It has been a wild ride for some equity investors over the last few weeks.The high-flying growth stocks that powered much of 2013 are enduring sharp losses.

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