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Economy & Jobs Report


Wild Ride in Equity Markets - 10/15/2014

The big slide in the S and P 500 brings it closer to the important 10% decline threshold that signals an official correction.


City National Economy & Jobs Report - 9/15/2014

The economy of California, like the United States overall, bounced back nicely after a slow start to 2014.


Dow at 17,000: Five Tips from Bruce Simon - 7/8/2014

On July 3, 2014, the Dow Jones Industrial Average declared its independence from previous records and jumped into 17,000 territory.


City National Economy & Jobs Report - 6/16/2014

The economic growth in California may have slowed somewhat in the first quarter of 2014, but this comes as no surprise given the economic headwinds faced by the rest of the nation.


City National Economy & Jobs Report - 3/14/2014

After weeks of media reports concentrated on a dysfunctional Washington, now is a good time for investors to step back, take a deep breath and focus on the many positive signals coming from the U.S. economy.



Foreign Exchange


U.S. November job gains far exceeded expectations rising by 321,000 which is the most since January 2012.

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Global Perspectives

The Biggest Loser 2014

Yes, there are still a few weeks left in the year, but so far the leading candidate for  biggest currency loser in 2014 among major economies looks to be taken by the Russian ruble."

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Market Perspectives

Peering into 2015

The nerve-racking V-shaped performance of the stock market in October, when the S and P plunged by nearly 10% but then recovered by month-end to a new all-time high, has given way to a more docile period.

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